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Our doctors conduct a thorough inspection for signs of oral disease, including oral cancer.

Expert Detection and Treatment of Oral Tissue Problems

Dr. Setya, Dr. Hirst, and Dr. Bergman thoroughly inspect your oral tissues for signs of disease, including oral cancer, as part of  as part of your first exam and consultation in our office. They look for any abnormalities in the tissues that give signs of possible disease, and take immediate action on any irregularities warranting further follow-up so your oral health is preserved.

They repeat these inspections at regular intervals for patients to ensure that any problem that has arisen since their last inspection is detected early and treated.

Competent specialists in oral medicine

As periodontists, Dr. Setya, Dr. Hirst, and Dr. Bergman received extensive education in oral medicine and oral biology as part of their specialist training. Dr. Setya holds a Master of Science in Dentistry Degree from Case Western University, which he earned along with his periodontal certification.

Oral cancer signs

The following symptoms are evidence of possible oral cancer:

  • pain or difficulty in speaking, chewing or swallowing
  • hoarseness which lasts a long time
  • a bleeding ulcer in the mouth that has not healed for weeks
  • white, red or blue-gray lesions in the mouth that cannot be rubbed away
  • numbness in and around the mouth
  • unusual lumps or growths in the gums or soft oral tissues
  • recent rapid changes in the position of your teeth

Oral disease inspection

The doctor manually and visually inspects your head, neck and mouth to check for any lesions or unusual growths in your tissues. If he discovers anything in your mouth that looks like evidence of disease and requires a closer analysis he will, with your permission,  take a small sample of the tissue to be used for a biopsy.

Sometimes the doctor detects a non-threatening sore or injury that can be immediately treated without the need of biopsy analysis. For instance, in the event that the inspection reveals the presence of cold sores or other viral ulcers, the doctor can often use our dental laser to kill the infection and eliminate the lesion.


Our oral cancer screening device can detect tissue abnormalities not visible to the naked eye.

Oral cancer screening device option

You have the option of signing up for an augmented oral tissue inspection and oral cancer screening as part of your new patient exam. For the augmented inspection, Dr. Setya, Dr. Hirst, and Dr. Bergman use an Identafi® oral cancer screening device to detect abnormal or diseased tissues in the mouth that are invisible to the naked eye.

The Identafi device has three different colors and wavelengths of light that are shined onto the oral tissues. The lights illuminate abnormalities in oral tissue that are not otherwise visible.

By shining each type of light in succession, the doctor can zero in on any abnormal tissue and determine if it shows signs of serious disease or oral cancer. He can then take a sample of tissue warranting a biopsy and send it to a biopsy lab for study and testing.

Biopsy results and treatments

The doctor will promptly inform you of the results of any biopsy once the lab has sent us the information. If the results show something non-threatening that we can treat in our office with oral care products, topical gels, laser disinfection or a prescription, the doctor will determine the appropriate treatment options and give you his recommendations.

Referral to a specialist if needed

If the results show something serious for which an outside specialist is needed, the doctor will refer you immediately to a competent specialist who can effectively address your situation.

Follow-up inspections

Dr. Setya, Dr. Hirst, and Dr. Bergman do an annual oral disease inspection and cancer screening for our patients receiving maintenance cleanings after treatment. They will increase the frequency of follow-up screenings for patients who have shown evidence of high susceptibility to disease.

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New Patient Special Offer

Exam, X-Rays, CT Scan (as needed) and Consultation


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Dental Special Offer

Receive a thorough examination and friendly, informative consultation. Your appointment will include the following:

  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • Digital X-rays
  • CT Scan (if needed)
  • Written treatment plan
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