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Our doctors and staff are dedicated to providing you the best periodontal treatment using advanced technology in a friendly and caring environment.

Expert Gum Disease and Dental Implant Treatment

Our practice was the very first periodontal practice to open in Mission Viejo. Dr. Robert Hirst founded the practice in 1976 after serving in the US Navy Dental Corps. Dr. Ajay Setya joined Dr. Hirst and took ownership of the practice in 1997. Together, along with Dr. Christen Bergman, they provide expert comprehensive periodontal services to the residents of south Orange County.

As a  periodontal practice, we are specialists in the treatment of anything to do with the gums and bone surrounding your teeth. Our services include gum disease treatment, replacement of lost bone, gum grafting for receding gums, cosmetic gum treatment and full dental implant services.

Highly trained, experienced and friendly team

Dr. Setya, Dr. Bergman, and Dr. Crowley have decades of experience in comprehensive gum treatments. Dr. Setya is also an expert in dental implants and holds numerous advanced certifications in dental implantology. He also teaches advanced implant procedures and comprehensive periodontics to practitioners at seminars in the U.S. and abroad.

Our doctors and staff work together to provide you state-of-the-art treatment in a caring and friendly atmosphere. Our staff are very friendly and helpful and do everything possible to make your visits efficient and comfortable. Dr. Setya, Dr. Bergman, and Dr. Crowley are attentive and really listen to your concerns. They thoroughly explain procedures so you know what is going on and can feel at ease.


Terra Aguirre

Office Manager


Nancy Marshall

Patient Coordinator


Elizabeth Shaw, RDA

Periodontal Surgical Assistant


Marisol Medrano, DA

Periodontal Surgical Assistant


Feda Batniji, RDA

Periodontal Surgical Assistant


Ariana Brambila, RDA

Periodontal Surgical Assistant


Binisha Patel, RDH

Registered Hygienist


Daniela Beltran, RDH

Registered Hygienist


Noor Kadhum, RDH

Registered Hygienist


The dental Cone Beam computed tomography (CT) machine is a special type of X-Ray machine that will generate a 3-D image.

State-of-the-art technology

Our doctors use cutting-edge technology to ensure the best possible results and to make your treatments more efficient, comfortable and minimally invasive.

Our digital X-rays are clearer, faster to produce and emit far less radiation than standard film X-rays.  Our cone beam 3D CT scanner produces 3D images of your entire jaw bone and all your teeth. With these images loaded into special software, Dr. Setya can precisely plan your implant placements and any needed bone grafting ahead of time. This  makes the procedure very accurate and minimally invasive.

Our dental laser and micro-instruments are much less invasive and more precise than standard surgical instruments and are used when needed in our gum disease treatment, gum recession treatment and cosmetic gum treatments.

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Our doctors will work with you to achieve the best results.

Competent gum treatment

Dr. Setya, Dr. Bergman, and Dr. Crowley expertly treat gum disease and are specialists at saving teeth and restoring gum health. In addition to scaling and root planing to remove the bacteria that cause gum disease, they use antibiotic therapy, perioscope, laser disinfection and bone grafting when needed to thoroughly wipe out the infection and rebuild support for your teeth. With these advanced treatments they can preserve many teeth that before would have been impossible to save.

For gum recession, our doctors use minimally invasive procedures to graft new gum tissue over your exposed tooth roots and restore the natural gum line around your teeth. For an uneven gum line or a “gummy smile,” Dr. Setya, Dr. Bergman, or Dr. Crowley gently remove the excess tissue and re-sculpt the gums for a natural-looking smile.

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Dr. Setya provides patients with a full-arch of stable and strong new teeth during a one-day procedure.

New Teeth in One Day

Dr. Setya can give you implant-supported full-arch replacement teeth that are stably fixed in your arch, have near full biting and chewing power, look totally natural and won’t irritate your gums or slip. In the vast majority of cases, Dr. Setya can perform the entire procedure for both arches at the same time and have you walking out with your new teeth the same day.

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Gentle, comfortable and minimally invasive treatment

We make comfort a top priority in our services and do everything possible to ensure your treatments are as easy on you and as pain-free as possible at all times.

Our minimally invasive treatment methods are very efficient and cause minimal post-operative discomfort. To aid healing we and add growth proteins to surgically treat tissues to speed healing time, prevent infection and reduce pain and swelling. Our ultrasonic scalers used for cleanings are adjustable for patient comfort.

Dr. Setya, Dr. Bergman, and Dr. Crowley always make sure you completely understand and feel at ease about what is going to happen before they start any treatment. And to make your treatment more comfortable in the chair, we provide pillows, blankets, and iPods with music. We also have sedation options for heightened anxiety or long procedures.

New Patient Special Offer

Exam, X-Rays, CT Scan (as needed) and Consultation


and receive your exam and x-rays at no additional charge.

Dental Special Offer

Receive a thorough examination and friendly, informative consultation. Your appointment will include the following:

  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • Digital X-rays
  • CT Scan (if needed)
  • Written treatment plan
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