Crown Lengthening in Mission Viejo

Digital X-rays

Expert, Functional Crown Lengthening

The crown of your tooth is the visible part of the tooth that shows above the gum line. Occasionally there is a need to remove some of the gum tissue covering the bottom of the crown so corrective treatments can be effective.

Dr. Setya, Dr. Hirst, and Dr. Bergman are highly skilled at further exposing the necessary parts of your crowns when needed. They use advanced tools to make the procedures minimally invasive.

Advanced technology for minimally invasive procedures

Dr. Setya, Dr. Hirst, and Dr. Bergman use microsurgical instruments or a dental laser in crown lengthening procedures.  Microsurgical instruments that can zero in on very small areas, making the procedures affect a minimal amount of tissue. The laser gently cuts gum and other soft tissues and the incisions heal far faster than those made with standard surgical instruments.

Exposing the crown for further treatment

When a tooth needs a restorative crown due to decay, fracture or wear, there has to be enough of the natural crown exposed to place the restoration properly. Inadequate crown exposure can cause the restoration to cut into the gum line and cause pain, irritation or bleeding.

When needed, the doctor can gently lengthen the amount of natural crown that is exposed above the gum line, allowing a restoration to then be placed securely and without complications.

Exposing decay under the gumline

Sometimes a cavity will form partially or completely below the gumline. In this case, Dr. Setya, Dr. Hirst, or Dr. Bergman will lengthen the natural crown so the cavity is exposed and can be effectively treated.

Tooth exposure for orthodontics

Certain teeth, such as canines, can sometimes fail to erupt (break through the gum and expose themselves) or properly descend into their proper position in the dental arch. An orthodontist will need to have the crown of these teeth exposed so a bracket can be put on the tooth and orthodontic correction can be done to bring the tooth into its proper position.

Dr. Setya can gently remove the covering gum tissue and expose the crown. The bracket can then be placed on the tooth and orthodontic treatment can be done effectively.

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